Considered one of the most unique and intimate voices of the current music scene, Rusó Sala creates Mediterranean singer songwriting songs.
Joining slopes of composer and performer, accompained by the sardinian guitar player Caterinangela Fadda, her life performance become a journey where voice and guitar forge the sounds of our Mediterranean: sailor or lullaby airs, cries of love or tears of loneliness, echoes of ancient melodies and music of their actual poems. An experience that will (re)connect us with the more purest and own songwriting, without artifice, naked and delightful.

Throughout his career she allowed curiosity to guide and has drunk from various sources, especially Mediterranean roots music, paying special attention to the Sephardic heritage (guide by Rosa Zaragoza) and the Arab-Andalusian repertoire (with Amine Tilioua), always looking for different sounds and other forms of approaching both interpretation and composition.

In parallel, she has collaborated with artists of the stature of: the singer Rosa Zaragoza, which continues to accompany in life performances and in the recording of her last two albums; the pianist Clara Peya, as part of her project named EsPiral, recently published; the bass player Giulia Valle, participating in the recording of her album Líbera; the Italian panist Kekko Fornarelli, inviting him to collaborate co-producing her second album Mar Endins; the singer and music therapist Tanit Navarro, taking part of 9 Lunas project, creating music to texts inspired by 9 moons of the creative process.

Rusó Sala is a member of the Intergenerational Brigade, a group that is dedicated to putting creativity at the service of historical memory recovering. She collaborates regularly with Cose di Amilcare, association that promotes cultural exchange between Italian and Catalan singer songwriting scene. She is part of the pool of Yuppido factory artists (factory stablished in Puglia, Italy), thanks to which she has made several tours around Italian territories.

DISCOGRAPHY (click to have more info)

  • In 2009, her first album LA CIUTAT IMAGINÀRIA was released, a collection of ten songs in Catalan, where the soul is stripped bare to sing as it wanders freely through the streets of the imagination.
  • In 2013 appeared her second release MAR ENDINS, an album co-produced with the italian pianist Kekko Fornarelli, under the international label FreshSound Records.
  • In 2015 has been released her 3rth album FIL DE COURE accompanied by the sardinian guitarist Caterinangela Fadda. Giving prominence to the voice and the two guitars, the singer song writer presents a naked disk, intimate, emotive and delicate.

Rusó Sala has proven herself to be an artist of international renown ever since the premiere of her first work in the Auditori Josep Viader (in La Casa de Cultura de Girona) in 2009, having performed her songs on stage in Argentina, Germany, Italy, Belgium…


  • Winner of 3 nominations in the Andrea Parodi’s world music Festival (Sardinia, Italy). (2013)
  • Finalist in the contest of Terra i Cultura 2013, with the musicalization of a Enric Casasses poem “El fill del Golf de Roses”. (2013)
  • First prize of the Vth Pino Piras song competition (Alghero, Italy). (2012)
  • First prize of the 14th Horta-Guinardó singer-songwriter constest. (2010)
  • Fisrt prize of the 32th Salitja song competition. (2010)
  • Secong prize in the 3th Esplugajove competition. (2010)


In solo


Hundred of concerts all around Catalunya; Openning concert in the presentation of the festival BarnaSants 2015; Col·laboration with Pablo Guerrero, Festival BarnaSants 2015; Auditorium of the Leon’s Conservatoir (2012); Invited to support Javier Ruibal in two of his performance in Barcelona: Centro Gallego and sala Horiginal (2011);  Barnasants Festival 2011; Auditorium Josep Viader Casa de Cultura de Girona; Roses Theater (Viumusika festival) (2009); Acustica Figueres Festival (2009).


  • ITALY: XV de Catanzaro Jazz Festival (Calàbria), Festival Narrazioni (Fonte delle fate-Poggibonsi), Spoleto Fringe Fest (Spoletto), Festival delle arti e delle culture “le Notti delle Muse”, Auditorium Vallisa (Bari), Marianello Jazz club (Sorrento), etc. Recieving the first price in the Pino Piras Contest 2012 (Sardenya).
  • GERMANY: Sala Schookoladen (Berlín) (2010).

Rusó Sala & Caterinangela Fadda


Festival Barnasants 2015; Festival Mas i Mas in the Palau de la Música Catalana, Barcelona (2014); Elles Festival, Manresa (2014); Cicle Músiques de la Mediterrània de Girona (2014); Festival Cose di Amilcare, Barcelona (2014, 2015); Jardins al Pati de la Casa de Cultura de Girona (2012).


  • ITALY: Premio Andrea Parodi, Sardenya (2013); Festival Ittiritmi, Sardenya (2014); Club Tenco festival, SanRemo (2014).

Rusó Sala & Kekko Fornarelli trio


Fira Mediterrània, Manresa (2013); Sala Jamboree, Barcelona (2013); Auditori de Girona (2013).


  • MALÀYSIA: Penang Island Jazz Festival (2012).
  • ITALY: S. Martin jazz festival di Giovinazzo, Bari (2012); Pebacco jazz club, Taranto (2012); Festival Folklub, Udine (2014).


With Rosa Zaragoza:

  • Mamalanda Mundé choir (accompains Rosa Zaragoza in her concerts) : Sala Luz de Gas, Barcelona; L’Auditori, Barcelona; Auditori la Llotja de Lleida (2012).
  • Duo with Rosa Zaragoza (sephardic music): Klangkosmos tour,  40 concerts tour.
    • GERMANY concerts: Museum mi Godschmiedehaus (Ahlen), Kulturmagazin (Bochum), Stadtmuseum Seigburger Theater (Seigburg), brotfabrik Theater GmbH (Boon), Kulturbahnhof Jülich (Jülich), Weltmusikinitietive Prinzipalsaal (Münster), Stadttheater (Heardford), Kirchenkreis (Gelsenkirchen), Stad Detmond FB (Detmond), Stad Siegen KröghenCenter (Siegen), Kulturamt (Paderborn), Stadt Hamm Pauluskirche (Hamm), Globalklang Jazz Schmiede (Düsseldorf), Kulturbüro GmbH (Gronau), Kulturzentrum Grend (Essen), Kulturbetrieb der Stadt (Aachen), Stad Sankt Augustin FB Kultur-museum Haus Völker and Kulturen (Sankt Agustin), Kulturreferat der Stadt (Bergkamen), Kulturforum Franziskanerkloster (Kempen), Domforum Domkloster (Köln), Kultur u Tagungszentrum der Stadt-Löhrerhof (Hürth), Teo Otto Theater (Remscheid), Kultur Räume-Theater Gütersloh(Gütersloh), Konzertgesellschaft-Viktor Kirche (Schwerte), Brilon Wirstchaft und Tourismus-Kirche ourSt. Michael Gudenhagen (Brilon), AllerWelthause mi David-Park-Kultur (Hagen) (2011).
    • BELGIUM concerts: Culturcentrum Ter Vesten (Beveren), Muzikpublique Theater Molière (Brusseles) (2011).
    • ARGENTINA concerts: Teatro Chacarerean (Buenos Aires), CIDICEF (sefaradic center of Buenos Aires) (2010)

Giulia Valle, Libera formation:

Mercat de Música Viva de Vic; Sala Jamboree, Barcelona (2013)

Clara Peya:

Theater of Igualada (2015) (Spain).

As a guitarist with the poet Francesc Gelonch:

Jocs Floral Revival 2014 in Cambridge (UNITED KINGDOM)