fildecoureIn 2015 Rusó Sala publish her third album, FIL DE COURE, accompanied by the sardinian guitarist Caterinangela Fadda. Giving prominence to the voice and the two guitars, the singer song writer presents a naked disk, intimate, emotive and delicate.
Perhaps the most honest work of the catalan artist. Rusó Sala returns to her roots by incorporating naturally languages, music and poetry she has been discovering recent years. 13 songs in 4 languages (italian, sardinian, catalan and spanish) that includes own compositions; musical poems by F. G: Lorca, Enric Cassases, Maria M. Marçal and Cesare Pavese; and a tribute to the Latin-American song. Published by Microscopi (march’15).

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port-rusosala  Mar Endins, published in 2013, the second album by Rusó Sala, is the fruit of her collaboration with Italian jazz pianist Kekko Fornarelli, whom Paolo Fresu described as one of the most interesting young pianists from the current scene. The ten originals in Mar Endins are the perfect combination of personality, jazz, and Mediterranean music, a unique style with deep, poetical undertones. Rusó’s limpid voice exudes articulateness and sensibility in a unique style that she uses to communicate and project her songs, be they melancholic ballads or lively, happy-tempoed tunes. Kekko Fornarelli’s versatile arrangements for quartet dress Rusó Sala’s compositions with subtle intensity, bringing out the color in them, and making this album a small gem full of brilliance and emotion. Recorded at Sorriso Studio di Bari (It) in december 2011.

Musicians: Rusó Sala, guitar and voice Kekko Fornarelli, piano and keyboards Dario Congedo, drums Giampaolo Laurentaci, doublebass. Album published by FreshSound records, 2013.

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Autoproduced in 2009.

“We are made to face the demons around us” begins the brave Ruso Sala in her first album. The demons don’t stop her, and she keeps singing as she walks around La ciutat imaginaria, an album filled with the warmth of mental meanderings and the sparks of the thrill of love. Sala uses her voice and guitar to present us with us ten tenderly honed lyrics, that strip bare feelings and thoughts. The smallness of human beings, (I qui soc jo? And who am I ?) the homage to loved ones (carta als avis, letter to mtriptic_PORTADA rgby grandparents) or the fading hope when “la nena”- “the little girl” becomes a grown up. Ten pure performances where she gives all her heart. Songs that call for calm as prescribed by the young singer-songwriter from Girona’s indispensable prescription.

Enderrock magazine, March 2010

“Its necessary to have courage, nowadays, to release a folk album in the Catalan language, and even more courage to bring it on tour around the depths of our country. This means Rusó Sala has clear ideas about how things should be done. The young Catalan singer-songwriter doesn’t yield to the temptation of commercial pop music and walks her own path with confidence.”

Gianni Zuretti, 7/03/11, www.mescalina.it

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